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We are One Square Meter By Dantata.

Through the decades, we have been privileged to relate professionally with thousands of house-owners across sub saharan Africa and beyond, worked with several real estate industry and construction professionals and have met with thousands whose desire transcends basic habitation into proud ownership of elegant pieces of architecture oozing lifestyle, consistent investment opportunities and at its peak, luxury.

Our experience have been quite humbling and inspiring. We have enjoyed many favorable outcomes and have witnessed diverse challenges and frustrations many have faced. We have heard about your difficulties in understanding the denominator of successful real estate investments and the strain caused by aberrant market equilibrium. We have heard about your experiences with failed promises on designs, construction, time of delivery, occupancy rates and return on investments by many industry speculators.

You have however voiced a great deal of hope. Hope that real estate in Africa can regain its lost finesse for quality lifestyle, and its leadership in offering innovations for premium investments. Hope that we can re-introduce satisfaction into partnership experiences that will always makes us all proud.

And with great pleasure, I welcome you to the One Square Meter By Dantata online platform. An expression of our commitment to transparency and open communication with potential and existing stakeholders as we continuously create diversified real estate solutions for your desirable benefits.

The portal provides firsthand information about our strategies, products, services, sustainability initiatives and investment opportunities. It prioritizes our investments in Information Technology, Enhancements to Digital Tipping, Financial Stability Toolkit Benefits as well as recognition and career developments, all with your input.

While our history shows that working together is the best approach to transform and elevate the experience we deliver to you and to the communities we serve, our passion and deep sense of responsibility fuels our optimism.


‘Tosin Bolaji-Alabi

we understand that real estate development transcends the premises of being just a business into being a way of life.

To be the foremost purveyor of Africa’s finest real estates, yielding exciting investment performances.
Providing impeccable real estate solutions, towards alluring capital appreciation and rental incomes
Promote Dantata’s triple legacies of Quality, Managerial Competence and Sincerity of Purpose (QMS).
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We are a company with a mission

Providing impeccable real estate solutions, towards alluring capital appreciation and rental incomes.

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