The Breakfast Snooze

This morning, I binged on pap and some akara before I left for work. I typically leave home without having breakfast, but I woke up a little earlier so I had enough time to buy some akara from the lady at the end of the street.

As soon as I got to the workstation, I started to feel drowsy. It did not take long for me to close my PC and get a good nap. I might have even snorted a bit. Abdul remarks about the unusual sight of me catching some early morning nap at work, and I explained to him that I had had a cup of pap just before I came to the office. This precipitated the conversation about breakfast, and how much our breakfast may influence our workplace productivity in the morning.

Wendy explains that she does not eat breakfast before she comes to work because a meal taken too early may make her morning lethargic, and slow. Bukky explains that she eats, but very lightly, just enough to hold her belly till the mid-morning.

The ultimate question however, is to what extent does breakfast affect your level of productivity in the morning?

According to, meals that contain high doses of proteins and carbohydrates tend to make you sleepy shortly after eating. This has led researchers to believe that a person feels tired or sleepy after eating because their body produces more serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that helps a person in regulating the cycles of mood and sleep.

According to, “there are hormones that can lead to drowsiness if increased levels are found in the brain. One such hormone is serotonin. The other hormone that induces sleep, melatonin, isn’t released in response to eating. However, food can influence melatonin production.”

After going through Google to read about this research, I came to the full understanding of why every time I had eaten heavy in the morning before work, I spent the rest of the morning doodling on my desk without having much to show for it in terms of results.

What are your eating habits before work? Do you eat lightly, or do you consume the entire drum of eba before you set out on the day’s business?

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