How Working Conditions Affect Your Productivity.

These, and more, are very common utterances at the workstation. I have since noticed, with utter amusement, how quickly I have settled into this 9 to 5 life. Time moves quickly, and fatigue has not been as much a problem as I had projected.

I had never taken conscious notice of the underlying factors that contributed to these things until I had a conversation about office space with my friend, A.B.

A.B. is a civil engineer who had spent most of his professional working years on the field. But recently, he had started work with a multinational firm and his job description put him behind a computer screen, and he had to adjust to spending more time in an office than he spent out of it.

I asked about how he had been adjusting so far and he confessed that it was not as boring and drag-ish as he had envisioned it. He then explained that the working conditions in the office were splendid, and this eased his transition for him. It was at the point it dawned on me, the importance of a suitable working condition in the office.

At work, our office is built and furnished in a way that every little detail has a mental effect on your productivity. The colour combination of the walls and furniture are light on the eyes, and the frames hanging on the walls of the lounge gives an aesthetic ambiance that relaxes your optic nerves.

The architectural finishing of the building encloses you in, and hides you from the distraction of the outside world. Sometimes, I go downstairs to find out that it had rained fire and brimstone, without anyone at the office having the slightest idea. The atmosphere inside is intimate, and this coziness eases stress faster than anything else I know.

The executive swivel chairs makes for good relaxation, in a way that you’re comfortable just enough to work. You could be on your seat for hours without feeling the strain on your back.

The relaxed atmosphere is perhaps the most important human contribution to productivity. For example, it didn’t take me a week to fit right in, because everyone at the work station extended parts of themselves to absorb me into the environment.

While capital may be used as an incentive to motivate people to work, I have learned that nothing helps productivity than creating the perfect environment for people to work in. So while you invest in human capital for your business, it is always important for you to consider the aesthetics and logistics of a healthy workspace.

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