Workstation: What’s The Deal With Lokongoma?

Mr. Seun stays at Lokogoma, and always swears that if he’s building a home in Abuja, it has to be Lokogoma.

We try to convince him that Kubwa and Gwarimpa are cooler locations but he never wants to hear a word of that.

He typically explains that in just a few more years, Lokogoma will not only explode into a cosmopolitan part of Abuja but would develop into the leading residential hub of the city. To collaborate this assertion, he points out the numerous estates currently in development in the district, and the hotspots such as schools, hotels and lounges  springing up there.

Lokogoma is a sprawling district in the Abuja Metropolis. The fast-developing district is located at Phase 3 of the Abuja Municipal. It is primarily a residential settlement. 

A 30-minute drive from the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, the area was first inhibited when the then honorable minister of the FCT created more land space for settlement, in an effort to solve pressing housing problems since most of the city center was getting fully occupied.

With the Abuja city center being fully developed and inhibited, real estate development has since shifted to the area, especially to meet up with the fast-growing demands of homes and landed properties. The Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) has reiterated its commitment to improving the infrastructure so as to provide inhabitants of the district with a better quality of living.

The influx of the Abuja middle-class to the district has resulted in the proliferation of numerous housing estates sprawling up every other day in order to meet up with the housing demands. Such housing Estates include Pentville Estate, Efab Estate, Copa Cabana Estate, Sunny Ville, and so on.

Businesses have also sprung up, with entrepreneurs taking advantage of the growing population to provide for the primary and leisure needs of the populace. The Prince Ebeanor Supermarket is perhaps the most notable of these supermarkets. Other popular bars in Lokogoma include Amala Shitta (Hareem Dream Garden, Lokogoma); Baytown Lounge (8  Oladipo Diya Street, Gudu); NeNe KItchen & Bar (7  Oladipo Diya Street, Apo ); and S-Base Park.

Copa Cabana Estate is an exquisite estate just adjacent to the CBN estate. It is strategically placed just on Ring Road 2, about 2 minutes drive from Prince Ebeanor Supermarket. There are not many Estates in Lokogoma that have as much access to basic amenities as Copa Cabana does, given its proximity to schools (such as Doveland int’l college), supermarkets (such as Prince Ebeanor Supermarket), lounges (such as Café La Roca) and even markets. It is one of the fastest-growing states domicile in the fast-growing part of the Abuja Municipal Area Council, and owning property there especially at this time puts you at the frontline of the next best Abuja experience.

Apparently, Lokogoma is the next coolest place to own a house in; and as it was with many other districts in the city, the time to own a property there is now, before it becomes totally out of reach.

While you’re here you can check out our developing Copa Cabana II project here.

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