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A new way to invest in Real Estate.

Real estate investment is one of the oldest and surest ways to secure your future. One Square Meter by Dantata (1SQMBYDANTATA) is making real estate investing accessible to everyone

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All investment assets are held in trust by FBNQuest Trustee.

The 1SQMBYDANTATA Co Own enables two or more investors to acquire and share ownership of any property of their choice in any of our Estates.

At the same time, percentage shareholding depends on the number of slots purchased. All investment assets are held in trust by a Trustee on behalf of all the members. While certified Digital Real Estate Platform administers the scheme and distributes the proceeds as when due.

This interesting scheme allows one more investors come together with 1SQMBYDANTATA to form a temporary partnership for the sole purpose of carrying out a building project; equity contribution can be in land investment or monetary.
The project/estate will be co-owned by all the partners and proceeds will be based on percentage equity contributions.

In this scheme, ISQMBYDANTATA makes an offer to repurchase units of products / Properties acquired from us at a pre-agreed percentage increase over an agreed period of time, this scheme simplifies the risk elements involved in Real Estate investment processes.

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Investment Security

Trustee protection

Our Trustee, FBNQuest Trustees is a subsidiary of the FBNQuest Group and a subsidiary of FBN Holdings, is the leading Trust services provider in Corporate Trust, Public Trust, Private Trust and Estate Planning solutions.

Investment funds are held in a joint account managed by FBNQuest Trustees

Investment Assets are held in trust by FBNQuest Trustees on behalf of the investors.

FBNQuest Trustees is a member of the investment committee that oversees the asset selection and investment process.

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