January 2022

RETRO: The Oldest Housing Estate In Nigeria

The Bodija Housing Estate is the oldest estate in Nigeria. It is located in Bodija, the eponymous district in Ibadan which the estate is named after. If you have been to Ibadan, you would no doubt have heard about the famous Bodija market, the primary place of petty trade for people living in Bodija and environs. But Bodija did not use to be the hotbed of Ibadan highlife until 1959, when the regional...

10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Living Condition

As we step into the new year, our mental health and overall wellbeing have to become a source of concern to us. To achieve this we have to pick up new habits and do away with old knots that may have impaired our living conditions. I decided to collate a list of 10 simple things we can do this year that can help us improve our physical and mental conditions. The best thing about this? They are really...

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